Five Smart Home Features To Brighten Up Your Home During Winter

From lighting systems to keep your home bright to smart home thermostats, consider implementing these home automation features to brighten up your home this winter.

Sometimes the final push through winter is the hardest. When holiday cheer is behind you and Spring days are still several weeks away, the cold, dark weather this time of year can take a toll on your mood and productivity. Since many people spend a lot of their time indoors during the winter anyway, why not implement a few features in your home to keep it bright? Consider installing a few of these smart home features to brighten up your home this winter.

Implement Lighting Control Systems

No one likes entering a dark home. Implementing smart home lighting control is an ideal way to brighten up your space in the winter. Lighting control systems enable you to not only brighten up the inside of your house but also program lights in your entryway to brighten as you enter or even light up before you enter your home.

Lighting control can also enable your interior lighting to work as a winter wake up lamp by slowly turning up the lights same way sunlight may come into your space during the summer. With lighting control technology you can also have greater control over the levels of light throughout your home, so you can keep your home bright even when the sun sets early. These systems can also enable you to control all of your home’s lights in one button. This means whether you want all of your lights on when you enter or don’t want to waste electricity with lights accidentally left on when you go to sleep, you can control your entire home’s lighting with just one button.  

Install Motorized Shades and Smart Blinds

If you want to stop paying for heat that seeps out your windows, smart home shading systems may be your solution. Installing the right type of shading can trap air between the windows and blinds,  keeping heat inside your home. Smart blinds allow you to control your home’s shading from your mobile device and allow as much or as little lighting in as you desire. This technology can also improve your home’s security by keeping your valuables out of view when you’re not home. Luminaire can design and install your smart blinds and shades open and to harvest heat and light during the winter through one simple app.

Switch to a Smart Home Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great solution for keeping your home warm without wasting money on heating when you aren’t home. These heating and cooling systems enable you to pre-program your heating so you can turn the temperature down during the day but warm up your home at night for maximum comfort. This technology will also allow you to regulate your home’s temperature from any location using a mobile phone or intuitive remote.

Using the same simple app Luminaire will design, program and install, your thermostat can be integrated with lighting control and shades and other smart home features. The result is simple, comprehensive, and affordable control of all of these systems in one place.

Upgrade Your Home Theater

Since winter evenings are a perfect time for a cozy night in, why not upgrade your home theater this time of year? Smart home theaters integrate a number of features that can maximize your entertainment experience. From top-notch surround-sound to protector installation, and mood lighting exactly to your specifications, making a few upgrades in your home theater system can make a huge difference. Installing integrated control systems can also enhance your experience by enabling you to watch live TV, stream movies, and play music all from one simple control system.

Our team can also configure your network for fast movie, television, and music streaming. These network upgrades are easy, affordable, and will eliminate the hassle and frustration of antiquated systems that weren’t designed for modern devices and streaming.

Make Your Security Smarter

If you are headed out of town for a long weekend or away for a day at the mountains, ensuring your home is secure is crucial. Smart home security systems offer the most advanced technology to keep your home safe including keyless lock systems, security cameras you can view from anywhere, shading and lighting control to deter unwelcome visitors, and more. This technology can also allow you to sync your smoke detectors with your smartphone so you will be alerted immediately in case of emergency.

At Luminaire, we believe in using smart home technologies to make your home safer and more enjoyable for you and your family. To learn more about our home automation services, visit our website or contact us. To keep up with our latest news and tips, stay in touch on social media!

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