Five New Features to Add To Your Home Entertainment System

Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your home theater. If you are looking for some inspiration for your smart home entertainment system, consider a few of these features.

If winter weather is keeping you inside this season, now may be the perfect time to upgrade your entertainment system. Whether you love to binge watch crime shows or have a guilty pleasure of keeping up the with Kardashians, adding a few features to your system can significantly enhance your entertainment experience. From smart home speaker systems to multi-room audiovisual distribution, consider adding these five features to your home entertainment system this year.

What is a Smart Home Theater?

A smart home theater is a home entertainment system that can include automated and integrated lighting and audiovisual systems. These theaters often include in-ceiling speakers, sound throughout your home, large screen projectors, mood lighting, and more. While this technology may seem like a thing of the future, it is readily available and easy to install in your home.

Features to Add to Your Home Entertainment System

Are you ready to up upgrade your home theater this winter? From gaming features to high-quality surround sound, we have a wide variety of solutions to improve your experience. Consider adding a few of the following features to your home system:

Every Room Audio

Why settle for surround sound when you could have top-notch audio in every room in your home? Installing a smart home speaker system will enable you to listen to podcasts, music, and any other audio features with high-quality distribution in every room. This feature also seamlessly integrates with music streaming platforms so you can listen to the music of your choice throughout your home. We can also enable unique audio settings in each room to satisfy each family member’s audio preferences.

Total Lighting Control

Lighting control systems can help you set the mood in your home theater. Whether you are seeking mood lighting for date night or the perfect atmosphere for Sunday football, implementing lighting control in your home theater has a number of benefits: This technology can configure automatic lighting at the setting of your choice, work on set timers, and even save you money on your electrical bill.

Home Theater Projectors

Installing a large scale projector can bring your home theater to the next level. Projecting shows and movies in your home can offer larger images and higher quality than the average television, and can also make your viewing experience more flexible by changing size and location of the projection. Implementing this technology in your home is a great step on turning your living room into a full-scale home theater.

Top-Notch Gaming Systems

For those who choose gaming as their entertainment of choice, there is no shortage of great game room features for your family. Implementing high-quality screens and surround sound can take the gaming experience to the next level. These smart home systems can also be programmed to automatically turn off after a certain amount of time, for kids who have a habit of spending too much time behind the console.

Integrated Control

If your household has an ever-growing pile of remotes in your TV room, 2018 may be the year for an integrated control system. Installing this technology in your home can enable your family to control sound, movies and tv shows, lighting, and more all in one easy-to-use device. This technology will forever end the game of which remote is correct and simplify your home entertainment experience.

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