3 Architectural Speakers to Balance Fun & Aesthetics at Home

Elevate the fun of your indoor and outdoor spaces without compromising your stylish décor!

Nothing brings more fun and joy to your home than pairing your daily activities with your favorite audio content. Whether that is a relaxing jazz playlist, an audio novel or a podcast, a whole-home audio system can elevate your experience in every corner of your home!

We understand, however, that adding entertainment to your entire property can also be concerning for luxury homeowners, as they are not fond of the idea of bulky devices intruding into their spaces and disrupting their aesthetics. Well, no worries! At Luminaire, we partner with Origin Acoustics to integrate the best ceiling speakers that effortlessly blend into your design while providing perfect-definition sound.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about three outstanding architectural speakers from Origin Acoustics to incorporate into your Boise, ID, home.

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The D109 In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

Who would be better to create a high-performance loudspeaker than musicians and audiophiles? The D109 was engineered to meet the audio expectations of the most demanding clients and deliver full-bodied, smooth audio while remaining virtually invisible in your ceiling. 

This outstanding in-ceiling loudspeaker has a patented tweeter design that improves high-frequency performance, prevents distortion and increases loudness. In addition, the D109 uses a toolless mounting system that provides secure installation and decreases unwanted vibrations, allowing you to enjoy audio content to the fullest.

The TF37EX Loudspeaker

This amazing device from the ThinFit Collection is the perfect way to integrate a high-quality audio installation even in the most restrictive spaces, as it has less than two inches of clearance, ensuring ease of installation. Moreover, the TF37EX is equipped with multiple woven glass-fiber woofers that provide remarkable low-end and volume clarity.

The D105EX Loudspeaker

The fun of music and entertainment shouldn’t be secluded in your indoor areas. Luckily with the D105EX from the Explorer Collection, you can enjoy unparalleled sound in the outdoors. These devices are equipped with a weatherproof seal that keeps them in perfect condition – rain, shine, heat, or cold. Want to take your audio entertainment to the next level? Couple the D105EX with DSP amplifiers, and let the professionals at Luminaire create a first-class musical experience on your patio and in your home.

At Luminaire, we are passionate about helping our clients make their homes more comfortable, beautiful, and enjoyable. Are you ready to enhance the fun with ceiling speakers? Reach out to our team right now by filling out this online form.

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