How Can Each Room In Your House Benefit From Home Automation?

Home Automation may sound like a high tech thing of the future, but these days it’s a top notch service readily available for homes everywhere. Home automation is a system that connects and integrates electronics in your home into one device, so you don’t have to worry about turning off and on switches and power nobs. If you’re curious about home automation but are unsure how it will benefit your home, here are a few rooms in your house you might not have known can benefit from home automation.


With all of the appliances in your kitchen, it’s an area in your home that uses a lot of energy. Ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances contribute to your electrical bill, and refrigerators cost the average American household $95 per year. Using home automation can help reduce this electricity consumption by timing out certain appliances over time and other control features. It can also give you peace of mind by knowing you can turn off the oven or coffee maker after you’ve left the house.  


Climate control is another big user of energy in homes, and your bedroom is one place you definitely want to be warm. Home automation in your bedroom can keep you comfortable while you’re sleeping and avoid unnecessary heating bills in the long run. With this system, you can program your home to get warmer and cooler throughout the day, so you can be toasty before you go to bed but not waste electricity and overheat in the middle of the night. Home automation can also work with lighting and electrical systems to control your lighting remotely and install top notch lighting systems.

Home theatre

Whether you have a quality living room setup or state of the art home theatre system, your television area is a hub for your family. This is where you’ll have family movie nights, watch the evening news, and spend quality time together. When you choose home automation for your home theater, you can control your entertainment systems with touch screen technology so you can control your music, internet, and television all from one place. Whether you’re interested in a wall mounted plasma TV, under counter television, in-wall ceiling speakers, or other entertainment systems, our team at Luminaire is here to help.

Patio and Outdoor

Home automation isn’t limited to solely inside your home. Whether you’re looking to light up your patio or add to outdoor speakers to your space to liven up your gatherings, home automation can benefit your home outside and in. If you’re hoping to maximize your outdoor space with summer right around the corner or add outdoor light without adding too much to your electricity bill, home automation for your patio and outdoor space might be your solution.

Garage Mahal

Whether you already have a garage mahal or are looking to upgrade your garage situation, home automation is a great way to update this space and make it more than just a place to keep wrenches and park cars. Whether you’re looking for a state of the art wine cooling system, updated communication systems, climate control, ceiling speakers or anything else, we want to help turn your storage space into a top notch man cave.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or are looking to upgrade the house you’ve owned for decades, home automation is a great way to update your home, add to its value, and reduce your electricity bill. From bedrooms to kitchens, to patios and garage mahals, choosing home automation for your appliances and electronics can benefit your whole home. To learn more about our services or to automate your home, visit our website today!



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