Can home automation lower your electricity bill?

Home automation is a great way to lower your electrical bill. Whether you are hoping to reduce your environmental impact, save on your bills, or both, here are a few ways home automation can help shrink your bills.

First things first, what is home automation?

Home automation is the automatic control of household features and appliances. It brings all of the plugs, knobs, and switches in your home together so they can be controlled by one device. We’ve all forgotten to turn off the lights in the upstairs bathroom or left the coffee pot on when we’re rushing out the door. Home automation eliminates that; it enables you to save time and money by planning and controlling your home’s electronics and appliances.

So how can it help lower my electric bill?

The easiest way to lower your electrical bill is to use less electricity. From thermostats to light switches, home automation can control your appliances remotely or on a timer, so your lights and appliances will go off, even if you’re not there to flip the switch.  

1. Turn down the heat when you’re not home

Save electricity with automated temperature control

Do you ever go to bed freezing, crank up the heat, and then wake up sweating a few hours later? It’s annoying to get out of bed to adjust the heat-and even more annoying to pay for the amount of electricity it takes to keep your apartment at 80 degrees all night. With an automated thermostat, you can pre-program your heater to adjust throughout the day. This means your electric bill won’t suffer if you forget to turn down the heat when you’re running out the door. Coming home to a cold house is no fun, but paying to heating your home from nine to five just so it’s warm upon your return can take a huge toll on your heating bill. With home automation, you can set your thermostat to turn off after you leave and turn on before you return. It allows you to come home to a warm house without making a huge dent in your electrical bill.

2. Stop worrying about the light you might have left on

Reduce consumption with automated lighting systems

You’re constantly reminding the kids to turn off the lights when they leave the room, but they don’t always remember. Unnecessary lights around the house are another culprit for increasing energy bills. Turning off lights when you’re not using them can make a huge difference on your electrical bill-but switching off extra lights is hard to put at the top of your to-do list. Using an automated system to turn off lights after a certain amount of time can make a huge difference on your monthly bill. Home automation can also include lighting timers and dimmers. This means your lights will turn down or turn off after a certain amount of time. This means your lights will shut off, even if you forget to flip the switch.

3. Automatically switch off appliances you’re not using

Lower your bill with automated appliances and electronics

You’re halfway to work when it hits you that you might have left the coffee maker on. You don’t want to waste time turning around-but you also don’t want to waste electricity all day or burn your house down. Home automation is also a great choice for managing household appliances and electronics by because you can turn them off remotely or pre-program them to shut off at a certain time.

4. Never pay for electricity you’re not using

Save each month with automated motion sensors

Remember those movies where someone would enter a fancy house, clap twice, and the lights would come on? Well now that technology is here, readily available, and can actually save you money on your electrical bills. Having motion sensors means lights go on when someone is present and turn off after people leave. That means electricity is only being used when people need it, and not running up your bill when they’re not.

Home automation doesn’t only make your life easier by syncing your electronics-it can save you the hassle of remembering to adjust the various appliances in your house and the raise in cost of electricity that comes with it. Whether you don’t want to worry about turning off the lights in every room each night, or you’re sick of your wife complaining about the TV being on all night because you fell asleep during a movie, home automation can save you both hassle and money. If you’d like to learn how home automation can improve your home contact us today!



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