Here’s Why You Need Lutron Window Treatments ASAP

Fill your home with beauty and comfort by adding window treatments by Lutron!

Automated window treatments offer a subtle way to complement your room’s décor and fill your lifestyle with more comfort and convenience. Whether you love minimalistic styles, a mix of mid-century modern décor, or have a thing for bohemian aesthetics, choosing the right window treatments will help you enhance every space in your Boise, ID, home.

At Luminaire, we partner with Lutron, a reputable leader brand in the lighting and shading industry. As a result, we are ready to provide you with the best quality window treatments. Keep reading our blog to learn the perks of incorporating Lutron into your home!

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Lutron’s Installations Are Made to Last

If there is one thing Lutron is recognized for, it’s the quality of its products. Window treatments are the perfect example of this, not only because of their wide range of superior fabrics and materials but also because they offer unparalleled durability.

Once you integrate battery-powered roller shades, for example, you won’t need to change your batteries for another 3 ½ to 5 years! That is double the battery life of most other brands.

Super Quiet for Added Comfort

A noisy motor in automated window treatments is a common and valid concern for homeowners still unsure if these installations are right for their residences. This is especially true if automated shades will be placed in bedrooms, home theaters or other areas for relaxation.

With Lutron’s window treatments, that will never be a problem. Lutron’s smart shades are so quick and quiet that you can simply press a button, and your shades lower gracefully to create the perfect environment to feel comfy and happy without annoying buzzing sounds that disrupt your peace.

Quick and Effective Way to Transform Your Spaces

As we mentioned, Lutron offers a broad range of materials, colors and fabric types to seamlessly customize your window treatments. Our experts can help you choose the right window treatments to enhance your spaces based on your style and unique needs. From luxury Palladiom shades and Sivoia wireless shades to roller shades and solar-adaptive shading, there is the perfect solution for your home and lifestyle. 

One of the Best Investments for Your Smart Home

Investing in a better lifestyle for you and your family is one of the best decisions you can make. By integrating features that bring more comfort and beauty to your house, you can create a more welcoming home that makes your loved ones feel happier and more inspired to take on the challenges of everyday life. 

While it’s true that Lutron window treatments are usually more costly than other brands, that is only because cheaper installations simply can’t offer you the same quality and comfort that Lutron does. With us, you don’t have to keep spending money on your shading installations, as they are designed to provide an elevated experience for many years.

At Luminaire, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products to help our customers fully enjoy their homes. Are you ready to integrate the best window treatments from Lutron into your home? Contact us today by filling out this online form or drop a message on the chat box below. 

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