Preparing For Vacation Absence With Home Automation

Home automation can ease your mind while you're traveling. Here are some of the benefits of having an automated home when you're out of town.

Summer is here. Kids have just a few days left in school (if they’re not out already), and you may have a big vacation or even quick weekend getaway on your radar. When summer comes around, between childcare, projects at work, and everything else on your mind, being prepared for your vacation may seem like a pipe dream. If you fall into this category, there are many ways to prepare your home for your departure, and home automation may be your solution. Here are a few ways home automation can make preparing for vacation absence a little easier this summer.

Home Automation For Security While You Are Away

Security can be a big worry when you are out of town. From making sure all doors are locked, to moving spare keys that are sometimes easy to find, there are many ways to ensure your home is safe when you are out of town. Home automation offers many security benefits including:

  • Security cameras: Automated security cameras enable you to keep an eye on anyone who comes in and out of your home while you are away. If you’re worried about pets and pet sitters while you are away, these cameras can help you keep an extra eye on animals while during that time.
  • Alerts and notifications: Home automation systems can also enable you to be notified in the case of any unusual activity. If intruders try to your house while you are away, these systems can notify you right away so you can take the necessary action to keep your home safe.
  • Keyless systems: When your home is automated, you can implement a keyless system for home entry. That means no one can steal your spare, and you can also give a neighbor or friend temporary access if they need to look after your pets or plants while you are away. These types of systems will ensure the right people have access to your home, and the wrong people do not.

Energy and Monetary Savings While Your Are Out of Town

While you are out of town, there’s no need to be wasting electricity or spending money on electricity that no one is using. Home automation systems are a great way to make sure money and electricity are not wasted while you are out of town, creating the most value and least amount of worries for your family. A few solutions include:

  • Temperature control: Being able to control your home’s temperature while you are away is another great benefit of home automation. If your pets are staying home while you are away, it’s pertinent to ensure your home is within a good temperature range for pets. Automation systems will also allow you to adjust the temperature while you are away if unexpected weather patterns occur!
  • Light timers: Many people will leave their lights on while they are going out of town so it looks like someone is home. However, this can lead to a huge electricity bill and unnecessary waste of resources, especially when you’re out of town for long periods of time. If you’d like to have lights on in your home for some portion of the day while traveling, home automation allows you to set light timers so as to avoid excessive use of lighting.
  • Sprinkler Systems: Timer based sprinkler systems are nothing new, but fewer people have  sprinkler systems that can set their schedule based on local weather conditions. These systems can react to local weather forecasts so you don’t end up watering your lawn in the middle of a storm. Even if the weather is predicted to be dry when you leave on your trip, these automated systems will ensure your lawn doesn’t get over watered and you don’t waste resources while you’re out of town!

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy long days, warm nights, and good times with your loved ones. When your home is safe while you’re away, it will give you peace of mind so you’ll have nothing to worry about except for having a good time. To learn more about Luminaire and home automation systems, visit our website today!

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