Personalized Lighting Options for Your Bathroom

The skies are turning gray, and with those dark clouds comes that signature Pacific Northwest rain. What better way to escape from the dreary outside than to personalize your home lighting?

The bathroom is oftentimes overlooked as a room that could benefit from home automation, but implementing different lighting systems can turn your bathroom into a calm, soothing, and sustainable oasis. Nothing is worse than bright fluorescent lighting while you’re adjusting to the early morning, or when you’re trying to relax after a long day. Investing in lighting control for your bathroom will not only reduce your electricity bill, but can also help foster a calming, aesthetically pleasing environment.

Dimmers and Motion Sensors

With the installation of dimmer lights in your bathroom, you can be in complete control of how much light you want to use at any given time. Motion sensors are another option for a sustainable and personalized bathroom experience. When installed, motion sensor lights will come on when you enter the room, and switch off when you leave, making sure no electricity goes to waste. Some motion sensor lights also give you the option of setting them on a schedule.

Mirror Lights

If you tend to get ready in front of the bathroom mirror — whether it’s where you shave or do your makeup — light up mirrors with adjustable brightness might be a helpful way to personalize your morning routine. They can even act as a nightlight, illuminating the mirror and sink area without brightening the rest of the room. Some light systems are voice-activated, and some can even be controlled through easy-to-use applications on your smartphone, so controlling the use of electricity while you’re away from the room is simple as well.

Chromotherapy Lights

Many people are installing chromotherapy lights in their showers and tubs for a more relaxing and revitalizing spa-like experience. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors, specifically through light, to positively affect the body and mind’s energy. Steam-proof chromotherapy lights can immerse your bathroom in any color of your choice, and shower heads with colored bulbs can jazz up your routine while also benefiting your mental health.

Because Luminaire’s team includes electricians, lighting experts, and smart home installers, we can take care of all the power requirements in your smart home. We can even program your systems and make sure everyone in the household knows how to operate them before we leave. To learn more about bathroom light installation in Seattle and beyond, check out our home automation resources and contact us today!




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