3 Reasons To Implement Lighting Control in Your Home

Are you debating if lighting control is the right solution for your home? Here are a few benefits of using this technology to illuminate your space.

Lighting control is one of many home automation features that can make your life easier. Whether you are hoping to brighten up your home during the winter, change your home’s lighting based on your family’s activities, or save money by using less electricity, implementing light control systems for your home can improve it’s comfort and function. If you are considering if lighting in control is the solution for you, here are a few benefits of using this technology in your home.

Maximize Atmosphere and Comfort

Lighting control enables you to manage the amount of light in your home and create atmosphere and comfort for the whole family. This technology allows you to illuminate a room for reading or technical tasks and dim a space for activities that require less light such as watching television or using the computer. Having more control over your lighting system will let you create mood lighting throughout your home and never strain your eyes because of too much or too little light.

Increase Security and Safety

If your family has left lights on for the duration of a vacation in hopes of warding off unwanted visitors, its time to upgrade your lighting. Implementing lighting control will allow you to manage your home’s lighting remotely from your car or phone. These control systems will also allow you to turn on lighting systems before you get home, so you won’t have to stumble around looking for light switches or enter a dark home.

Outside of your home, lighting control can improve your safety by installing dimmers and well-lit pathways in to illuminate your home’s exterior when it’s dark. That means this technology can help prevent slips on ice you could not see, tripping over objects in the dark, and other easily-avoidable problems that come with lack of lighting.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Because implementing lighting control in your home allows you to have more control over where and when your lights are on, this technology can significantly reduce your electricity bill. Lighting control will help you avoid paying for electricity you’re not using in the following ways:

  • Using motion sensors. These sensors mean lights only come on when someone is in the room, and allow lights to turn off when they are not being used.
  • Installing dimmers. Dimmers control the amount of light being used at a given time. By reducing the amount brightness of a light you are also reducing the amount of electricity used in most cases. LED and CFL lights are fully dimmable, further reducing the amount of electricity used by dimming an already energy-efficient bulb.
  • Controlling shading to maximize natural lighting. Implementing easy-to-use shades can increase the amount of natural light in your home by letting sunlight enter your space. This means you’re using sunlight to brighten your home, rather than paying for electricity.
  • Changing bulbs less often. Reducing your energy consumption with lighting control also means you’ll need to change your bulbs less frequently. When you use less energy through lighting sensors and dimmable bulbs, they won’t burn out as quickly and therefore last longer. This means additional savings for you and your family.

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