6 Must-Have Features To Improve Your Gaming Room

Does your gaming room need an update? Consider adding these eight features to your gaming room.

For many people, a gaming room is an afterthought. It’s an extra space added to the basement, attic, or garage. It often isn’t carefully planned from the ground up, but for avid gamers everywhere, it should be. From investing in proper wiring and professionally built electrical systems, to installing vintage gaming systems and gaming tables, there are plenty of ways to make your gaming room a must-visit space in your home.

Game Tables, Dart Boards, and More  

Nothing says gaming room like a massive pool table or an air hockey table. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a top-notch gaming room. Craigslist and similar websites are great places to pick up pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, and similar gaming tables at great prices. In some cases, if you’re willing to do some cosmetic work, you can have these game tables for the cost of hauling them away. Pool tables and wall darts are other great options for your gaming space that will add another level to your parties and gatherings.

Gaming Consoles

Whether you’re into the newest rock star style instrument games, motion capture games, or more traditional old-school consoles like the Nintendo 64, having a variety of gaming systems will make your room more appealing to gamers and fun seekers of all ages. Used game stores can be a great resource to find gently used and refurbished consoles to add to your space. Alternatively, you can invest in an emulator that allows you to play any of the older console games from a single hard drive.

Properly-Installed Electrical Systems

Especially when referring to a room full of expensive computers and processors, having electrical systems that are up to code is critical. Be sure to use caution when installing power outlets and electrical systems. If there’s a fire or a power short that destroys your gaming computer or consoles, chances are that your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s policy won’t cover losses due to DIY electrical failure. Don’t risk your precious equipment; instead, hire professionals to wire your game room and be sure to update your homeowner’s policy to include the expanded living space, if applicable.

Additionally, if you have professional electrical systems installed, it will be easier to implement environmental control systems which allow you to control lighting, sound systems, and heat or cooling remotely or by voice command. These systems can be inexpensive to install, and they can save you money on your electrical bill each month.

Old School Arcade Games

If you want a vintage gaming space, investing in an antique or old school arcade game may be the way to go. From glass-top PacMan games to older pinball machines, there’s a strong secondary market for these nostalgia-inducing quarter-eaters. You can find them on a variety of vintage and used item sale sites, including Craigslist.

Refrigerators and Refreshments

If you want to take your game room to the next level and make it the center of the party, installing a bar system is the way to go. From a keg refrigerator, to soda on tap, and an assortment of liquors and mixers, a properly stocked bar can keep your party hopping. It’s important to note that both wiring and plumbing for your bar systems should be professionally installed to ensure it works well and doesn’t pose a flood or fire risk for your gaming space. Enjoy your drinks and your games responsibly!

Comfortable Chairs and Sofas

Finally, you’ll need some furniture in your gaming space. While guests may start by hovering around upright games and chatting, over time they will want to settle down. Offer a variety of seating, from a couch that faces your gaming consoles and television to chairs along outer walls that can be moved to wherever the action is happening. A few smaller tables can also add to guest comfort while providing places for drinks and snacks other than on top of your game tables. Investing in good furniture can be the factor that takes your gaming room from a hideout to a home feature.

Whether you’re an avid gamer, parent of an avid gamer, or are looking for something nice for the game lover you love, you’ll reap the benefits sprucing up your gaming space for years to come. If you’re looking for professional help creating the gaming room of your dreams, contact us today!  

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